September 19: A Four Cart Day!

2015_09_19 second deliveryVolunteers
from Chinese Bible Church, Follen, Redeemer, First Baptist and Hancock

Weather: Nice cool fall day. Damp due to the hour, but soon dissipated.

 Harvested today: 220 pounds including broccoli, beans, eggplant, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, Swiss chard, cabbage, pumpkins, bok choy, butternut squash, acorn squash, radishes, scallions, kale, green peppers, arugula, and parsley.

2015_09_19 1st deliveryWhat a wild morning! We had so much to take over to the Lexington Food Pantry that it required 4 carts to hold all the produce. That’s unusual. If it had happened last Saturday I wouldn’t have been so surprised. After all, last week was a catch-up since the garden had been closed the prior Saturday due to the Labor Day holiday. But we only harvested 108 pounds last Saturday2015_09_19 at pantry vs. 220 lbs. today. Go figure. I guess it was just timing. For instance, this week cabbage and squashes
were ready.  With so many carts, it meant we had twice the number of volunteers involved delivering. 9 of us got to see the newly renovated space that the Pantry just moved back into at Church of our Redeemer. Very nice!

2015_09_19 Janet's back

Janet’s back! We are glad to see her back at the Garden after missing her these past months.

2015_09_19 weeding

What do you do after the picking is done? Weeding. There’s always something to weed.


Everything goes faster when working together.

2015_09_19 cutting flowers

It doesn’t seem right if we don’t bring flowers along with our vegetables to the Pantry. I thought we had cut all the flowers last week, but look at all the new blooms.

2015_09_19 missed broccoli

See Carla smiling? I didn’t do a very good job cutting the broccoli. Carla, as sweeper, found a lot more I’d missed. Ha! That’s the difference between an experienced gardener and an inexperienced one. Good thing there is a mix of both each morning.

2015_09_19 Dismantling peach netting

Peach season is over at the Garden. It was time for Tom to dismantle the protective netting and put it away until next year.

At the Garden: Saturday, September 12

2015_09_12 delivery cart

 Volunteers from Chinese Bible Church, Hancock, Redeemer, First Baptist, Follen, Quakers and the neighborhood.

Weather: Bit damp after rain of past two days, but otherwise fine.

Harvested: a total of 108.5 lbs. including tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, pole beans, eggplant, kale, chard, peaches, green peppers, bok choy, green onions, radishes, basil, and parsley.



Every once in a while we get a work day when for a variety of reasons it is tough for the faith communities that are scheduled to work that day to come up with members who are free to work. When that happens we send out a call for help to our general volunteer list and ask for subs. The need is always met. Having a list of folks who have offered their names and emails to be part of the on-call sub list has made it so much easier to keep the work going smoothly at the Interfaith Garden.

This weekend was a time of major conflicts and we needed an unusually large number of subs. Special thanks to all the extra folks who answered the call for help. It was a great crew this morning. We had a mix of newcomers and old hands. Everything got done and delivered to the Lexington Food Pantry in time for them to set up in advance of opening their doors at 9:30am.

2015_09_12 harvesting bok choy

Yanling and her friend harvested bok choy. They taught us this week that if you just cut off the leaves and not harvest the whole plant, the plant will regenerate and be ready to pick again in 2 to 3 weeks. The same with green onions. We picked 28+ lbs of bok choy and 2 lbs of green onions.

2015_09_12 eggplant

Pam helped with the eggplant. 14 ½ pounds went to the Food Pantry.






2015_09_12 kale and chard

Elaine and Tom tackled the kale and chard. These 2 crops of like the EveryReady Bunny of the Garden. They keep going and going. If you harvest correctly (cut the largest leaves but always leave at least 4 behind), these cool-weather crops generally last thru the Fall. Today we harvested 10 ½ lbs. of Kale and 5 ¼ lbs. of chard.

2015_09_12 tom

Tom delivered produce that had been picked by Tuesday’s volunteers. They gave us a leg up on our picking chores this morning

2015_09_12 peaches

A seasonal treat—peaches! This year was a good enough year to send peaches over to the Pantry…3 ½ lbs.

2015_09_12 picking flowers

2015_09_12 flowers

And the last thing that is added to the carts? Usually a few trays of cheerful flowers.

At the Garden: Saturday, August 22

2015_08_22 034 delivery

Volunteers: members from Hancock, Follen, Pilgrim, and the Chinese Bible Church

Weather: Hazy and damp, but no rain.

Yield: Informal estimate of 155 pounds consisting of kale, eggplant, rhubarb, potatoes, green peppers, beans, broccoli, yellow squash, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, parsley, basil, garlic, tarragon, Swiss chard, and delicata squash

We picked full baskets of tomatoes this morning...regular and cherryWe picked full baskets of tomatoes this morning…regular and cherry  While searching for ripe tomatoes amidst the laden plants, I came across this garden marker hiding in the greenery. It would have been left when the tomato seedlings were first planted. It reads “And God said...’It is good!’” I trust the folks receiving this delicious bounty agree.While searching for ripe tomatoes amidst the laden plants, I came across this garden marker hiding in the greenery. It would have been left when the tomato seedlings were first planted. It reads “And God said…’It is good!’” I trust the folks receiving this delicious bounty agree.

2015_08_22 so much kaleMark is saying “So much kale!” or blessing the kale. I don’t know which but either would have been appropriate!

2015_08_22 familyLast week this family harvested potatoes. This week they got the whole Garden experience…harvesting (parsley here), delivering to the Lexington Food Pantry, planting and weeding.

2015_08_22 CBC

Volunteers from the Lexington-based Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston– This is their first year working with us and we are so glad to get to know them!

2015_08_22 weighing

Tom and Betty at the weighing station.

2015_08_22 layers

Here is a close up of the layers on one of the delivery carts. I love the mix of color…yellow of the squash, white of the garlic, green of the basil, red of the tomatoes and pink of the flowers. It is a happy mix.

2015_08_22 multi-colored chardWe don’t have just one type of chard. We have multi-colored varieties… red, yellow and white stalk versions.



At the Garden: Saturday, July 18

Today’s volunteers were from: Redeemer, Pilgrim, Hancock and First Baptist The weather turned out OK after all. With rain up until 7:30am, we had wet feet, but that was all.

The harvest totaled 60 lbs, consisting of: arugula, basil, beans, bok choy, cilantro, dill, kale, leeks, lettuce, mint, oriental peas, parsley, peppers, raspberries, radishes, . . . → Read More: At the Garden: Saturday, July 18

At the Garden: Saturday, July 11

Volunteers today from: First Parish, Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston, Lexington Methodist, and the Lexington Catholic Community

Weather: lovely July morning– Sunny and 70 degrees.

The crew this morning had a lot to do since the Interfaith Garden was closed last Saturday for the 4th of July holiday. As you would expect, there was . . . → Read More: At the Garden: Saturday, July 11

At the Interfaith Garden: Sat., June 6

On Saturday, June 6th, a Girl Scout Brownie troop and some of their parents came to help. One brownie had worked another Saturday and she reported that she liked coming back and knowing where things were and what to do. The girls were curious, worked hard and enthusiastically went from one task to the next. . . . → Read More: At the Interfaith Garden: Sat., June 6

Report from the Pantry – June 14th

I got to chat with Carolyn Wortman yesterday at the Lexington Food Pantry. As you likely know, she is the longtime volunteer that coordinates the Pantry. Since all the work we do at the Interfaith Garden ends up at the Pantry, I thought you would be interested in what’s happening there. Included in this . . . → Read More: Report from the Pantry – June 14th

At the Interfaith Garden: Tues., June 2

Harriet hoe-ing.

Shelley transplanting the bok choy. Carla thought these would be ready for harvest in 2 weeks, if not earlier.

The bottoms of the potato plants have been re-buried.

Carla assessing the crowded bed. Looks like some bok choy needs transplanting.

Lots got done.

On . . . → Read More: At the Interfaith Garden: Tues., June 2

Report from the Garden: Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Volunteers: Hancock and Temple Isaiah

Weather: The good news was the storms held off, the bad news was the storm held off. We need the rain.

Can you name this plant with the interesting flower?

(answer below)

Carla was away but she left clear and easy instructions:

Weed, Water, Watch

Weed carefully around . . . → Read More: Report from the Garden: Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Garden Report – April 11, 2015

Weather: Sunny, high 40s

A large crew answered the call for help and showed up with the expectation of shoveling lots of composted manure onto the garden. However, the truck with the manure arrived later than usual and we didn’t make much of a dent in the pile. But there was enough time to . . . → Read More: Garden Report – April 11, 2015