Join us for our sixth season!!


Volunteers plant, grow, harvest and deliver thousands of pounds of organically grown produce to the Lexington Food Pantry each year.

Our sixth season of growing “Good Food for Good Neighbors” starts on Tuesday, April 7th, snow or shine!!

Volunteer schedules are in progress for the 15 faith communities and friends who offer a few hours per week from late March through early November in this beautiful community vegetable garden in the center of Lexington.

If you would like to join us, please sign up here…all are welcome, whether affiliated with a faith community or not.

You can help today by downloading, printing and posting this flyer for community service hours around town. Thank you!!



1 comment to Join us for our sixth season!!

  • Jackie McShine

    I only this weekend read the Lexington Catholic community bulletin and was amazed at the wonderful pictures presented. I know I should have already reported to volunteer so will do so soon.

    Happy planting and gardening.


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