Report from the Garden: Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Volunteers: Hancock and Temple Isaiah

Weather: The good news was the storms held off, the bad news was the storm held off. We need the rain.

2015_5_12 rhubarb 2

Can you name this plant with the interesting flower? 

(answer below)

Carla was away but she left clear and easy instructions:

Weed, Water, Watch

Weed carefully around the young plants, water the seedlings and watch for the emergence of young plants from the seeds recently planted.

The plant with the interesting flower is Rhubarb!

2015_5_12 1 Kathy watering

Kathy watering

2015_5_12 Harriet weeding

Harriet weeding

2015_5_12 basket getting full

Basket getting full!

2015_5_12 mark weeding

Mark weeding

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