At the Interfaith Garden: Sat., June 6

On S2015_06_06 008 brownies at cartaturday, June 6th, a Girl Scout Brownie troop and some of their parents came to help. One brownie had worked another Saturday and she reported that she liked coming back and knowing where things were and what to do. 2015_06_06 009 at pantryThe girls were curious, worked hard and enthusiastically went from one task to the next. We are early in the season but there was over 20 pounds of produce that was picked, cleaned and delivered to the Lexington Food Pantry. They harvested bok choy, lettuce, arugula, green onions, radishes, Italian parsley, dill, mint and rhubarb.
Brownies and parents not only picked and readied the fresh produce for delivery, but they escorted the cart down the street to the new temporary location of the Lexington Food Pantry at St. Brigid’s. The pantry relocated this summer due to renovations of their permanent space at Church of Our Redeemer.  Our fresh delivery got added to the other produce bought for the benefit of the clients. Thankfully, the Pantry has to buy less through the summer as giving gardens, like ours, supply more and more of the fresh nutritious bounty that they seek to offer.

2015_06_06 006 rinse station

Since we had gotten a lot of rain recently, there was more dirt than usual clinging to the lettuce and bok choy so they needed a stop at the “rinse station”. Usually all that is needed is a little brushing off of dirt at the base.

2015_06_06 001 Dad helping

Parents worked alongside

2015_06_06 005 radish

What a beautiful radish!

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