At the Interfaith Garden: Tues., June 2

2015_06_02 005 Harriet hoeing

Harriet hoe-ing.

2015_06_02 transplanting bok choy

Shelley transplanting the bok choy. Carla thought these would be ready for harvest in 2 weeks, if not earlier.

2015_06_02 002 potatoes hilled

The bottoms of the potato plants have been re-buried.

2015_06_02 Carla assessing

Carla assessing the crowded bed. Looks like some bok choy needs transplanting.

Lots got done.

On Tuesday, volunteers from Temple Isaiah and Hancock showed up after the rain. Besides doing lots of weeding, we transplanted bok choy and lettuce, best to do after rain, which was Tuesday! We also “hilled” the potatoes. While the potatoes grow in the soil, the plants keeping pushing upward so regularly they need to be reburied. By the time the potatoes are ready to be dug up, they look like they have been planted in hills, since so much soil has been moved over to keep covering up the base of the plants.



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