Garden Report – August 19th

It was a beautiful day to be working at the garden this morning. Perfect temperatures, blue sky with a few clouds, low humidity and a good amount of dew still on the grass as we arrived.

Carla is on vacation visiting grandkids this week, but we had a great crew today of about 16 very experienced volunteers from Grace Chapel, Hancock Church and the Chinese Bible Chapel. We also had a first time student who was working to earn some of his community service hours.

We had our largest delivery to the food pantry so far this year of about 169 pounds of produce (with a lot of thanks to the crew of volunteers from Tuesday). Even with our largest harvest so far this year – we sent three full food carts off to the pantry early!

Three carts with 169 pounds of produce!

The star of the show today was 56 pounds of a wide variety of regular and heirloom tomatoes. We also delivered 21 pounds of yellow squash, 19 pounds of cucumbers, 18 pounds of onions, and 15 pounds of spaghetti squash. We also had about 8 pounds each of rhubarb and green peppers and 6 pounds each of beans and zucchini.

So far this year, we are close to 750 pounds of produce delivered to the pantry. Surprisingly the number one item is onions at about 115 pounds so far this year. Tomatoes are number 2 at 98 pounds and yellow squash at 86 pounds. After that, we have 43 pounds of spaghetti squash, 40 pounds of potatoes, 37 pounds of rhubarb, 34 pounds of bok choy, 28 pounds of zucchini, 27 pounds of cucumbers, 26 pounds of parslane and green peppers, 18 pounds of Swiss chard and radishes, followed by 13 pounds of leeks, basil and lettuce.


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