Garden Report – August 26th

We had another great day at the garden on Saturday with about 11 or 12 folks working today. We had a couple new folks, but mostly “regulars” volunteering. Absolutely perfect weather, blue skies, crisp air.

We had an astonishing 94 pounds of tomatoes go over to pantry today – and after the carts left someone noticed we hadn’t picked any cherry tomatoes. We also had amazing amounts of basil and parsley and they smelled so heavenly. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.
Tomatoes are now far and away our number one item at 192 pounds for the year. There are still a lot of green tomatoes left to harvest as well. Onions and squash are each about 110 pounds, then spaghetti squash, cucumbers, rhubarb, and potatoes come in around 40 pounds each so far this year.

We are now over 900 pounds for the year.

There was a bunch of squash (it is shaped like butternut, but colored differently) harvested on Tuesday. We also took two good sized eggplants over. They were beautiful.

One downside of Carla being gone for two weeks is that mosst of our pallets / plastic trays were still over at the food pantry. We shuffled things around and made it work.

The carts came back with a big pile of plastic trays and one of the wire buckets that went over last week.

Speaking of carts going to the pantry – last week the small cart came back with a flat. We pumped it up last week and it seemed to be holding – but today that tire was flat again. So we’ll have to get the tire patch kit out next week.

It has been dry here – so we did water as much of the leafy greens as we could.

Next weekend is Labor Day weekend. The Interfaith garden and the food pantry will be closed for the holiday.  We will see you all in a couple weeks!


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