Thank you for a great season!

We’ve done it again! Thanks to everyone who volunteered, supported and cheered this effort on. In 2017, 1,600 pounds of fresh, nutritious produce grown in the Interfaith Garden was donated to the Lexington Food Pantry, bringing the 8-year total to 12,100 pounds. And it couldn’t have been done without an interfaith and community effort.

It was a good season! 46 varieties of vegetables, fruit and herbs made its way to the Pantry. Interested in knowing the top crops? Here are the 5 highest yielding crops:

Total pounds
Tomatoes 304.6
Squash 144.6
Onions 115.3
Bok Choy 107.9
Butternut Squash 105.0


The final day at the Garden was Sat, Oct 28th. The last delivery included tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, eggplant, peppers, chard and various herbs.

For a complete report see here, and for all the reports from this season, click here.

Thank you again…and see you in 2018!!

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